A collection of reference links for software engineering, web sites, various requirements, online technology books, life cycle activities,and so on. See link disclaimer.

Software Technology Support Center: Guidelines, Reports, and Templates

Overview of Project Management [PDF]

Software Lifecycle [PDF]

Project Planning [PDF]

Requirements Management [PDF]

Risk Management [PDF]

Cost Management [PDF]

Time and Schedule Management [PDF]

Measurement and Metrics [PDF]

Configuration Management [PDF]

Software Engineering Processes [PDF]

Assessing Project Health [PDF]

Testing [PDF]

Systems Engineering [PDF]

Systems Integration [PDF]

Software Design [PDF]

Sustainment and Product Improvement [PDF]

OSWER System Life Cycle Management Guidance

System Lifecycle Management Overview [PDF]

Initiation Phase [PDF]

Concept Phase [PDF]

Definition Stage [PDF]

Design Stage [PDF]

Development Stage [PDF]

Implementation Stage [PDF]

Production Stage [PDF]

Evaluation Stage [PDF]

Archive Stage [PDF]

Cross-Cutting Considerations [PDF]

Glossary [PDF]

System Life Cycle Products Outlines [PDF]

Project Management Plan Practice Paper [PDF]

Project Participation and Coordination Practice Paper [PDF]

System Life Cycle Reviews and Approvals [PDF]

Configuration Management Practice Paper [PDF]

Application Security Management During the SLC [PDF]

Data Management During the SLC [PDF]

Survey of System Development Process Models

Requirements: For US government websites, design templates.

Websites: A serialization on building accessible websites.

Websites: How to build a successful website.

Open content Wiki books: Software engineering

Handbook of Software Reliability Engineering: Online text book, 1996

Software Engineering: Course book online free (scroll down to find it).

University Libraries: Computer science web resource.

Open Channel Foundation: Publishes software created by NASA.

Links: Computer Science resources.

System engineering: Process view, deliverable view, role view, etc.

Cloud computing: National Institute of Standards and Technology definition and guidance.

GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide: best practices for developing and managing cost; adopted by other countries.

Business Process Reengineering Assessment Guide: still one of the best guides around.

Practical Guide to Federal Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Center of Excellence: sign up as guest for articles

Institute for Enterprise Architecture Developments: links to EA info.

Architecture Framework Forum: different frameworks, UML & SysML examples.

National Information Exchange Model (NIEM)

Free online link checker Decision-making

Importance-Performance Matrix

Importance-Performance Matrix

Decision matrix example

Comparison matrix

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