The process for acquiring an RM tool is no different than selecting software packages that will be part of your development effort. First, identify requirements for the requirements tool based on your project or company needs or standards. Thoroughly investigate candidate packages for compliance with your requirements, including performance demonstrations.

Performance demonstrations are critical: you may discover add ons are required to achieve full traceability to other work products. Tests and design are part of the software product and should be maintained along with the code and documentation.

Some RM tools cover the entire development environment, and they may dictate how you approach system development. The features and capabilities of any tool you are considering should be tested to ensure it works with your development approach.

Allow time for the learning curve, which can take up to a month. Several requirements management tools below are available as free evaluation downloads.

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Requirements Management Software
Acclaro DFSS Accompa
Accept 360 AnalystPro
Application Lifecycle Mgmt Blueprint Reqs Cntr 2010
Caliber-RM codeBeamer RM
Case Complete CASE Spec
Concerto Cognition Cockpit
CORE Cradle
DOORS Enterprise Architect
GatherSpace GMARC
HP Requirements Management inteGREAT
IRqA Jama Contour
Leap SE Lighthouse RM
Mac A&D and Win A&D MKS Requirements
objectiF OneDesk
Open Source RM PACE
PixRef Pro Polarion Reqs
Projectricity Rally
RequirementOne RaQuest
Requirement Tracing System Requisite Pro
RMTrak ScopeTracker
Serena SoftREQ
SpiraTest Teamcenter
TestTrackRM TopTeam Analyst

Walk the RM trail to learn more about requirements management and traceability.

The International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) publishes a comparison of features of many requirements tools. This comparison is updated periodically. INCOSE also maintains a database of other development-related tools.

Take a traceability lesson from an industry expert.

Can a requirements management tool pay for itself at your company? This article looks at a model to help calculate return on investment (ROI) on requirements management tools. Read the article.

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