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Tips for interviewing subject matter experts.

Business Analysis Body of Knowledge

Structured Analysis

High-level System Requirements Checklists

Requirements When the System Isn't New

The IT Business Analyst

Focused Requirements Capture [PDF]

Use Case Requirements Definition Example

Requirements Engineering: A Good Practice Guide: Practical process improvement, the requirements document, requirements elicitation, analysis and negotiation, modelling, requirements management, and more.

Comparison of OO Development Methodologies: "This report has been prepared to assist an organization in better evaluating the availability, and appropriateness of, of object-oriented methods for their environment."

Thirteen Common Objections to User Requirements and Why You Should Not Believe Them

Requirements analysis: Discussion of techniques for analyzing requirements.

Systems Analysis Web Sites: Links to subjects including system analysis, estimating and budgeting, user expectations, requirements analysis, methodologies, and more.

Software Engineering Resources: "R.S. Pressman & Associates, Inc. has assembled over 1000 software engineering resources to help you gather information on a variety of software engineering topics."

Requirements Engineering Resource List

Paper [PDF]: Architecture level requirements specification.

Paper [PDF]: Problem identfication and decomposition within the requirements generation process.

Paper [PDF]: Tool for analyzing requirements.

Paper [PDF]: Relating use cases to requirements.

Paper: Requirements determination and requirements structuring.

More analysis, system lifecycle management links.

Links to requirements document templates and guides.

Links to diagramming methods.

Also see tips for interviewing users

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